Our project “Little Mom” ​​continues to serve God and people, being here in Germany.
This week has flown by very quickly, it has some interesting news that we want to share.
One of the brightest impressions was the children’s visit to the ice rink project. Some children were on skates for the first time.
We continue to hold women’s ministries in the format of home groups. Both women from the church and women of our project take part in them. These ministries I call – from the heart to heart. Thanks to them, we can get to know each other better.
On Tuesdays, we continue to hold prayers for Ukraine in the Catholic Church. Recently we have been joined by sisters of mercy from a German Catholic parish. Prayers have become non-denominational.
On Thursdays, we study the Word of God. For 2 months we have sorted out almost all the parables of Jesus Christ, described in the New Testament. This Thursday we have sisters from Germany visiting us.
We pray for all of your friends and thank the IMOCE Mission and its partners for many years of financial support. Spiritual and prayer support.

by Irina Matyushina

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