Warm greetings from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga to all workers in the field of God. There are things in which we are constant, and this is a Bible school for the guys from the “Year for God” project. I teach the topic of prayer. We see spiritual growth in the lives of these guys, we believe that they will become influential ministers in their churches! Much of my ministry has to do with working with leaders. Pray for them, find them, nurture them and give them responsibility.

Thomas, Oscar – in addition to general leadership, I meet with them every week. Sarah is the new leader, opening a new house group next week. I see her passion to serve God, to serve people. With Thomas, we visited people, met people who were ready to visit this homegroup. There was wonderful communication. Thank you for Nick, he helps me a lot with the translation.

Met a new family. This brother comes to us recently, was baptized in infancy. After the conversation, he came to a class about water baptism, he wants to take it.

Every week I spend general leadership. This time with the leaders of adult Domashki. We are also preparing for water baptism. This week was the last lesson. Of course, these are not all meetings. Not every meeting can be photographed. There are difficult, personal conversations with people where photography is not appropriate. But there are many. I want to thank every one of you who sows for the work of the mission! It is so precious that you bless the feet of the Evangelists. May the Lord multiply His grace for you, so that His work only multiplies and spreads! God bless you!

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