Peace be with you dear brothers and sisters. Blessed day to all. Welcome to Cuba.

First of all, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. During these holidays, the team in Cuba was able to hold several HAPPY TEAM venues in the city of Havana and in the suburbs. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to spend these holidays for children and adults. And despite the very difficult situation in Cuba, we always try to feed the children after each event. And all this is possible also thanks to your support. We are also very glad that we were able to go to the village of Trebol and there was held a playground for the first time. As always, there was a Bible lesson first and then the trampolines and slides loved by everyone!

And of course, during these holidays, the churches held special services. And, to the delight of the children and adults of the church, they were able to treat everyone to a Christmas dinner. A lot of neighbors and unbelievers came, and they received food both spiritually and for the body. For many, this was the only opportunity to eat a piece of meat. And all this is possible thanks to the help of the IMOCE mission.

Also in the East of the country, in very remote places of our island, close to the city of Santiago de Cuba, in the village of Ducurex, intensive preparations were made for the festive services. The church was able to move portable, self-contained audio equipment to evangelize in remote mountain communities. In some settlements, even electricity has not yet been installed, so this equipment is a great help in ministry.

We thank everyone who takes part in the work of the mission and keep our ministries in different parts of the world! We are all together a huge team of God! We wish everyone a Merry Christmas again! We invite everyone to the missionary trip to Cuba, which the mission plans to make in February! We look forward to seeing you, our dear brothers and sisters, so that we can continue to expand the kingdom of God together! Blessings to all!

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