October African greetings to everyone!
I’m Vlada, a missionary in Africa, in Kenya and I live as a family on a mission base that has been serving here for many years. We have been living as a family for 6.5 years and serving in social projects at the church our team started.
Praise God, we can already see the fruits of our ministry here. The projects I have taken on are growing quickly and actively. They have local leaders whom I try to train, trust and teach to simply lead everything from start to finish. My dream is that they will be comfortable leading a church project without me.
We believe that through good works we serve the African population a lot! Helping to cover at least the bare minimum for living. And show God’s care for them!
October raised finances through the internet for the soup kitchen. For almost two years we have been cooking outside on stones, wood. And of course, it is uncomfortable, as it turned out expensive. And the territory of the church is being built up and it is no longer possible to use these stones.
So I accepted this call to collect and thank God He did everything quickly and we have already installed special boilers! I share this joy with you!
I have started a little training for myself and I go to gospel discipleship groups on weekdays. Together with local guys. Closer to people, I get to know them more as spiritual persons – how they think, what they think where they are going. Together we grow and learn to be disciples of Christ.
I try not to forget that I am a wife and mother! On weekends I try to spend time with my children. I socialize, relax, play, do homework with the eldest. I make up food for the baby🤣She already eats 4 times a day normal food and need to develop imagination, what to cook and when) Danya was a little sick, so there were sleepless nights.
Both me and my husband had birthdays this month. Celebrated with the team at home … in the morning)))) before the work day started) the team prayed and blessed! Big family!!! These guys have become a family!
The school year is coming to an end in Kenya. So we are closing the financial report. Getting ready for the new school year. Lots of working on laptops with the local team. Lots of shopping and counting. Checking and adjusting. Communicating about mistakes and correcting them.
(File photo) with gratitude for your prayerful and financial support for me each month! May our generous God multiply to you all that you have sown for us !!!!

Sincerely, Sidorchuk Vlada