Huge greetings from Kenya! Let me share what happened this week. Our student groups are a huge blessing to us! I have 3 of them. Every week I meet with them, check my homework, answer questions and give a lesson that we are discussing.
I was especially touched by the children’s letters to God about their feelings for Him. For me, this is the most important thing I want to see in their lives – love for Jesus. Also, every morning I spend a lesson with the team. Now we are talking about the topic “How to hear God’s voice.” We train to prophesy. Visited the Home Group this week. We are looking for potential students for C grades for the Church on the Hood. They also visited families and talked and prayed for those who needed it.
It was especially joyful to pray for a sister who asked to pray for her start-up business. A few weeks ago, she came in with depression and an unexplained illness. After the prayer, everything changed a lot. She was healed, and I constantly see her joyful. And now she has brought money to her business. This is rare here. They usually ask for money. We blessed her and slightly increased the initial capital) May the Lord bless her! Also, this week, I ministered, by the Word, in the Sunday meeting. We are now teaching about abiding in Christ.
Praise the Lord for this week, and for all that He is doing in people’s lives! We hear testimonies and see changes in their hearts! Thanks to each partner together we build the Kingdom of God and conquer all peoples by faith!!!

by Tatiana

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