Greetings from Kenya, the Turkana tribe.
This week was very productive. We have finally connected the fresh water and are waiting for the well to wash out so that there is enough water. They were also able to prepare and cover one class. The roof is almost ready, and the walls and floor are left. We have also finished the walls in the kitchen and are preparing the tables, sinks, and work surfaces in the kitchen for pouring. Tables for the dining room were also prepared to be concreted and covered.
And had the first meeting with potential students and their parents. We are making lists and will prepare for the opening of the school. It looks like we won’t be able to accommodate the first stream of 150 children and will be around 190, but not yet final. We will see when the lists are fully formed.
Thank you all very much for your support. Together we can do even more!!! God blesses!!!

by Volodymyr Yaroshenko

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