Hello everyone!

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I’d like to share the latest updates here on the mission field

We got to visit some widows in the slum many of them are suffering and even 5 of them died from hunger. praise God we got to help some of them with food and of course, share the gospel and pray with them.

We got to do kid’s ministry in the slum and a village. praise God for their open hearts to hear about Jesus.

We met a widow who lives in the slum, her husband died 15 years ago, and since then she’s been really struggling with 6 children, they live in a house with a bad roof, when it rains the rain gets inside the house as well, she’s even struggling to buy food for her and her kids, and it’s extremely difficult to find a job where she lives, so the only option she has is to sell herself to get money to feed her children. she was even mad at God because her life is so hard and everyone looks so low at her… but praise God we shared the gospel with her, she was crying and accepted Jesus as her personal savior. we also got to share some food with her and are planning to continue walking with her.

In Beach ministry, got to share the gospel with some people, they were really interested to learn about Jesus and some asked many questions. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. God bless you!

by Irina Khmelev

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