Our new church will be opening soon and we have already started inviting children, teens, tweens, youth, and adults. Therefore, this Wednesday we held a “Happy time” evangelization for our preteens. We had 7 different stations – Bible study, dancing, trampoline, cotton candy, gifts and food, face painting, and crafts. We were able to tell these children about Christ, give them joy, and invite them to the opening of the church.

Many thanks to all IMOCE partners for giving these children smiles. On Thursday, a picnic trip was organized for the leaders of the ministry. We had a good time together. We played various board games, talked, rested, and had a good opportunity to listen to the Gospel, and ask questions (I helped with the translation). We had a very tasty lunch. They had free time, they took pictures, played football again… It was very nice to hear from them that this is the best day of the year for them.

She also organized the work of the “Daddy’s home” shelter. It is necessary that everything worked non-stop, all workers and volunteers knew what to do and were equipped with everything necessary. This week they had one week of vacation between semesters, so it will also be necessary to check everyone’s readiness to go to school. Is everyone’s school uniform washed and intact? If not whole, teach how to sew. And, of course, give office space to anyone who needs it.

In my free time (mostly after 10 p.m.), I like to deal with documents. This week I filled out the table and wrote stories for the new sponsors of our 18 children from the orphanage. As you can see, the week was busy, so there is only half of the table.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the support of each of you! It is a great blessing to serve in Africa side by side with you.

by Nata Yevtyshuk

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