Hello everyone from the equator, Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga.

Last week, as always, we had a preteens meeting. 270 children aged 9-12 came to us. They were all eagerly waiting for us to open the gate.

The evenings are very cold in Kisumu now, and we decided to prepare hot fragrant cocoa with cookies for our children.

We had time for games and fun, but that’s not all. We teach children to think, so we often have a section like “What is…” On Wednesday we said “What is the Bible?”, we first give the children the opportunity to say what they think they know, then we show an informative video, and we ask questions on it We are discussing, so to speak.

And of course the most important part is the sermon. This time they talked about Samuel and his readiness to hear what God would tell him. We really want this service to grow and develop, so that children meet and experience Jesus.

We want every child who comes for the first time to feel at home, and we decided to give each new preteen a small gift (a notebook, a pen, some candies, a biscuit and an invitation with the whole schedule of our services).

Thank you very much for your financial and prayer support.

by Nata Yevtyshuk

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