Hello everyone from Dunga, Kisumu, Kenya! A wonderful week has passed. I want to share our work and testimonies of what the Lord has done!

As usual, we try to communicate with people personally, pray for them, instruct them in faith. A guy came to us with his testimony. It was wonderful to listen to his certificate of study on the project. He said that when he arrived, he thought that he knew 75% of the Bible. Now he realizes that he knew only the cover from the Bible and lived a religious life. Dreams of bringing revival to Pakot, the area of ​​Kenya where he came from. They prayed for freedom from witchcraft and guilt. For many years he blamed himself for one incident. I got freedom and joy, Thank God !!!!

David, the man who recently repented. We continue to meet and pray for him. Thank God he continues to go to the Church and the Homegroup.

Another student from the “Year for God” project. We noticed that the sad one was walking for several days. It turned out that he was worried about his sister and the rent of the house. They were instructed to be in the faith and prayed for him. The joy is back, Thank God! How important it is to serve a person in time!

We met with Sarah again. Received a powerful release from witchcraft and unforgiveness! Recently we met a guy with a little brother. Mom drinks, there is no food, he needs to go to work instead of school. They called him for a chat. Encouraged to be in the Church. We have already found a sponsor for his brother to go to school. They gave me food rations.

Together with the youth pastor, we decided to separate the 13-15-year-olds into separate Home Groups. This time we met with two guys who will take these teenagers. We discussed the strategy for conducting these DGs. Also held a meeting with the leaders of Prints Domashek. Their homework counts from 30-50 children 9-12 years old.

God gave a meeting with a guy who said that he did not believe in God. We spoke to him and prayed for him. We believe that the Lord will continue His work with him.

There was an amazing Youth Youth worship service this week. I served with word and prayer. The Lord is doing amazing work in the lives of young people, bringing in new young people who are experiencing His presence and call. On Sunday at the service, he went out to repentance. How valuable it is! See these big heavy raindrops of awakening that we pray for every day! Dear ones, God has a reward for the work that you bring to God! Thank you for your participation and cooperation in this work for Him! God’s blessings to you!