Today children were given love and joy! We gave new kids invitation bracelets to LYuO (local tribal language)

THE CHILDREN’S CHURCH WENT ON AN EVANGELISM TRAVEL and prayed for each area with the anointing of oil.

Anatoly and his team are on their way to us! We are WAITING FOR MEETING WITH THEM. In the meantime, I want to share some of the events on our mission. In the end, each child received a mandazi (local donut) which is a joy for hungry children. Leadership meeting and Preparation for the preteens ministry.

Then we went with the leader to visit our preteen at the hospital, hit by a car and an open fracture. They comforted, encouraged, and prayed together for healing and restoration.

We go to the families of our children a lot, we go to a family where Dad is mentally ill and all the children and mom live in the same house, a terrible atmosphere. Twice a week we hold evening prayers in the church for young people.

This time it was raining heavily and the preteens after the service could not go home and prayed with us, precisely those who are from far away, neighboring SLAM. Thank you precious for financial and prayer support, for loyalty and dedication over the years! Valuable and blessed! Great is your reward in heaven! We bless and look forward to meeting you.

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