Greetings to everyone from Mission Assistance.
My name is Natalia Yevtushyk, and I have been serving in Kisumu, Kenya, for more than 6 years.
I am very glad to be able to serve the Mimtses together with you and tell you about our God – Jesus Christ.
During this time, we have held two services for our pritins. At one of them we treated the children to samosa tea. As usual, we had a lot of games, entertainment, and a raffle. The theme of that week was “marathon”.
We worshipped and prayed together.
Thank God, we had the opportunity to take our children to a kind of one-day camp outside the city. We played various games, talked, walked by the lake, and the owner of that place put a trampoline for us.
We also had spiritual communication, shared our testimonies and what we went through at their age.
The children are on vacation, so we went through the wardrobe again. This time, we saw the need for new shoes. A pair of stupid sneakers or sandals is quite expensive here, so the most economical option is crocs. We bought 60 pairs of these shoes. 2 pairs per child.
Before the opening of the “Year for God” project, I blew up the curtains, sewed new covers and cushions for the chairs and sofas.
I also had the privilege of making a cake for the opening of the same project. It seems like a small thing, but it was a 2-tiered cake for 50 people.
I spend a lot of time shooting and editing short videos for the mission’s social media pages. I am responsible for content 3 days a week.
I also had a short meeting with our “Worship warriors” team. These are Princes who wanted to praise God and have been leading worship and worship at Princes’ services for a year now.
Thank you for your support!
May God bless each of you!