Greetings, friends! I’m Natalia, who lives in Kisumu, but most of our ministry as a family is in the Pokot region.
First of all, I want to thank everyone who is doing their part to support me so that we can bring Christ to that tribe.
I had a little unplanned trip to Ukraine to organize the children’s documents.
But the work continued and a lot of work was done this month.
Despite the fact that we continue to have services twice a week in three churches, our three primary schools for 221 children are functioning and serving hot lunches….. We have put up a fourth church building in Pokot, a village where people remain unreached, with a lot of idolatry and tribal traditions. For several months before that, we had already conducted evangelism and ministry under a tree. 13 people accepted Jesus into their hearts!
With the skillful hands of the team, we were able to make benches with backrests for all 4 church locations. Before that, the church had simpler ones without backrests, but it was very noisy during the service when they were constantly adjusting them, and also dangerous for babies – as mothers put their children to sleep on the floor during the service.
We have also encountered some obstacles in building a center for girls who have been circumcised because there is no water in the well. And the start of construction is delayed.
The alternative for now is to rent a house to start working with teenage girls and provide shelter for the victims. So we were looking for a house, preparing it for living conditions, and furnishing it.
Once again, I want to thank you. Some time ago, when IMOSE visited us, they gave us a generator, which helps us a lot in all our work in this area. May the Lord bless you abundantly!