Hello everyone precious. God is good! And we are happy that we can be in His will! Thank you, Imoce Mission, for your assistance and prayers! Together with the leaders of the preteen’s ministry, we spent an evening of worship and prayer by the fire! It is a great joy not only for children but also for us that the children received bread and sausages. FOR CHILDREN THIS IS A DREAM.
Colins is in the hospital, in addition to his paralyzed legs, he now has large bedsores, I ask you to pray for a MIRACLE FOR HIM.
Prepare full speed ahead for the preteen’s ministry. One of the teaching skills on the YEAR FOR GOD project is the guitar and the piano, so we teach the guys.
Thanks to your Imoce mission, one family got a bed with a mattress, they used to sleep on cardboard. They brought the children from the children’s church to install a crib. The children live with their mother, the father drinks and sometimes comes to visit, but does not help in any way.
We are grateful to you for such help to this family. Thanks for the products for our kids. From this family, the baby died a few months ago. Thank you precious for your care and loyalty over the years! For financial support! I pray and bless you.

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