This week I served at the “Year for God” Bible School. She taught about God’s grace and personal prayer. We had an important meeting with the pastor and leaders of the youth ministry and children’s ministry about important changes to children’s Home Groups. I also went to the children’s leaders to talk about these changes.
I have met a lot this week with the HomeGroup leaders in charge. I understand that these are the people who need to be served the most.
I continue to meet with Ray. We talk a lot about the Gospel. Examining what Jesus did for us. By faith in what we live. Listening to him, there are doubts that he is born again.
We held meetings with people who have problems with their spiritual life, with sins. Difficult conversations, but necessary.
We were visiting a family that stopped attending the Home Group. The wife received Jesus and was baptized with the Holy Spirit! They prayed for their children.
Thanks to the IMOCE mission that thanks to your finances we can bless people with food rations!
We visited the youth homegroup. We discussed with them how to live the Gospel, how to overcome sin. We answered different questions. Thank God for everything He is doing here in the poor area of ​​Dunga. That raises His Church and raises disciples. Thank you, dear partners, for your very important ministry of giving. Thank you for your loyalty and support. We love you and pray for you! God’s blessings to you!

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