Greetings everyone! We are from the Turkana desert, the city of Lodvar. Every Saturday we have meetings, chat, and play games, and the most important and most valuable thing is a Bible lesson.

You know, living here in the desert is very difficult. Adults often have nowhere to take money, that is, to earn.

People are uneducated, they don’t have or don’t know how to feed themselves, and often children suffer the most from all this… Children are left to fend for themselves for whole days, because their parents are constantly looking for a place to earn money.

They eat once a day if the mother has more or less some kind of work. We met children who could not eat at all for a couple of days, and for them, this is the norm, they are used to it.

I thank the Lord that I can come to them, share the good news, give them my time and abilities.

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