Hello precious. Get some news from our mission fields. Kenya, Kisumu city, Dunga village.

I would like to start by being grateful for the supply for the ministry. How much joy from the inflatable slide, we held a camp for the children’s church, the children were delighted. Of course, this is a very fleeting joy, since the teams are large and short stations to catch everything by the evening to the home groups. But this does not stop and does not take away JOY from our children. Thank you very much Imoce mission. In the camp, the children received a message about PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD. We want children to have a personal relationship with God.

Conducted an evangelistic youth ministry. It was powerful, we only helped and the YOUTH TEAM started organizing the project. About 200 young people gathered for an evangelistic ministry.

I raise children after the children’s church, children come from the neighboring SLAM, which is near the city, in general, very far away, and children in groups go to the children’s church with constancy. At the preteens ministry we held a TALENT SHOW, all home groups prepared different talent numbers and presented them to us.

And of course, visiting families with groceries. As always, the kids are delighted with the products and are considering what we brought. In the family we visited, the children sleep on a damp floor. Thank you precious for your support and dedication in this financial and prayer area! Valuable! Powerfully and blessed personally for me and the LYuA tribe. We pray for you and bless you!

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