All huge, very warm greetings from Africa, Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga!

Thank God for this week, His love, grace, and strength to serve His children! The pastor and youth pastor and I were leaving for 3 days to spend time with God and see the plan and get a vision for ministry in the Church under construction on Kapote. The Lord showed us, people, leaders to be trained. After arrival, again a tight schedule of meetings, consultations. I finished teaching the topic of sin with the guys from the “Year for God” project. Conducted a meeting with leaders of adult home groups. We are planning to carry out a water baptism soon. Encouraged them to rely more on Christ than their ability.

I had to temporarily remove one of the leaders of the Home Groups, Thomas is now leading 2 Home Groups. We went to his Domashka to support him. But we hold meetings with the leader we filmed. This time they prayed for deliverance. Thank God he got his freedom!

They also prayed for the girl Esta. Intense pain and unforgiveness to her stepfather, who had already died, but tried to rape her as a child. Another wonderful meeting with David, who recently accepted Christ and began attending services and Homegroup. He had a dream in which God gave him fire. We prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Lord baptized him!!

Another meeting with Sarah, who has problems with the leader. They gave her instructions on what to do, how to reconcile. It was a wonderful time. Resentment is a big problem here. I met three girls from the youth Domashka who are offended by the leader.

We also work with guys who are not yet married but have a child. We visited Sintia and the child. They repented of their sin and began the marriage registration process. Encouraged them to live clean. Dylan, the youth boy, has his father dead. We went to the funeral to support him. The funeral here is a very important event for people, a lot of people come.

We have a New Life football team in our church. They have now joined the league. We come to support the guys. They promised to win since I came to the game) And they won 2: 1.

Thank you to the Lord for His grace and all the work He has entrusted us to do. This is all possible thanks to you, your support, and your partnership. We can only do this together, in unity with His Body from different parts of the world. May the Lord bless you, fill you with His peace and joy!

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