Congratulations to you, dear collaborators in the work of God. Africa, Kenya, Kitale are in touch with you. Catch news for the week.

Child feeding project. We did homework with the children, and I enjoyed watching the older boys help the younger children. As well as the school beds have started, some of the children come and immediately sit down to write homework.

Embrace. We held a market for children. Everyone was able to buy new warm clothes, hygiene products, and sweets for the earned points. And they get points for good behavior for a month. We celebrated Embrace’s birthday. I was at the station with a trampoline. Before going to jump, the children had a task to compose a biblical verse from carved words. Thanks to God and to the IMOSE mission, which donated money so that we could buy a bigger trampoline for the children. This is a great blessing for us, the children and we were very pleased with the new purchase.

Thank you for your support. Bless you and have a nice day.

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