Hello everyone! My name is Andrey, and I serve in Kisumu, Kenya, as part of the Aid team. Over the past period, we’ve managed to repair a lot and participate in various missions. We hosted a team of guests from the United States, giving them the opportunity to actively participate in the mission’s services. We traveled to the remote Pokot area to conduct a Christmas program for children and accomplished much more. A huge thank you to everyone supporting the projects and us missionaries. Thanks to you, I can continue serving here and spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Abundant blessings to you all!!! Helping to deliver and set up beds for needy families (with Anatoliy’s team). Welding a wheel to the cart to continue working. Children waiting for the Christmas celebration at the church. Serving in media. Teenagers practicing taekwondo receiving belts of the next mastery level. Thank God for finding another way to reach hearts with the word of God. Serving in media. Repairing the missionary house. We removed the old worn-out window and replaced it with blocks. Next, we’ll plaster it, and there will be a smooth wall. The long-awaited “In Him” conference. We are glad to have organized it and that through it, God touched the hearts of the youth and planted His word in young hearts. Serving in media. Children in Pokot County, a place far from civilization, where kids are frightened by sudden movements and children’s costumes. There is no electricity, phones, or even playgrounds. The children live in the mountains and walk many kilometers to school every day. We hosted a Christmas celebration for them, striving to share God’s love. Pokot. Children delighted with a piece of bread spread with a semblance of butter.