I would like to write today about my gratitude to you! So glad to serve and to know that there are you-who support missionaries!
All August we have been welcoming a team of young people from America!
When we have visitors, there is so much more work to do! In addition to our daily ministries, we do a lot of home ministry by hosting guests. We show the house, Kenya, the slums. We visit a lot with people from the church, fellowship, prayer! Shopping, responding to people’s basic needs! On my projects alone we have visited over 60 families and installed 5 beds! It is a joy to be brothers and sisters together, realizing that together we have this desire to serve the Lord, that these are our hearts. That it is God producing His desires in us and we are just saying YES!
These three weeks have not been easy and we just took a breath today as we saw everyone home. But now we are looking forward to the good fruit!
Thank you dear ones for your finances for me! My daughter had a little cold ear this month and we have been in the hospital. It is not cheap for a missionary, but thanks to you, we have been to the doctor! And are already undergoing treatment! I would be so grateful if you would remember in prayer! We are in great need! Our family needs God! The people we serve here need God.

And I’d like to finish – me and my house, we will serve the Lord! He is our Lord! And may He reward you many times over for what you sow for us!