Greetings to all members of this blessed group! Once again, you are greeted by the distant and sunny Cuba! First of all, we want to thank all sponsors and volunteers for supporting the mission! Special thanks also to those who hold us back with prayer! Dear Prayer Books! We thank you for your dedication and your hard work in prayer.
We ask everyone to join in the congratulations for our pastors from the city of Havana, they have completed their studies at the Bible Institute! Also in the city of Havana, children’s ministries were held in remote villages, which were closed for a long time due to the pandemic. This is how the children and youth rejoiced and glorified our Lord in the church in the village of Trebol, where Volker and his wife Daneshka are pastors.
Also this week our young people visited a place called “Finka Marina”, very poor people live there and this is very far from the center, the children were very happy about this visit, they heard Bible stories and enjoyed cotton candy!
Our work is also continuing in the East of the country, in the village of Kanei. We are very grateful to our Lord that after a long time the doors of the church were opened and a kindergarten began to work.
And also this weekend, the Lord allowed the Dooku Rex church, from the village of Kanei, to organize a long-awaited trip to the beach, the children have been waiting for this moment for so long, because for almost two years they were not even allowed to go outside. Praise the Lord for such a great opportunity, and thanks to everyone who could participate so that all these events would be held in the Glory of God !!
Thank you all, our dear brothers and sisters! May the Lord reward you for your constancy, may all your prayers, prayers, and intercessions come before Him! God bless everyone and fill Him with peace and His love! We pray that the fire will burn on the altar! Be blessed!

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