Greetings to all members of this group after some time off the island of Cuba is in touch with you.
We want to tell you about how Happy Time Mission is moving through Cuba.
Using the experience of the Happy Time team in Ukraine, our team from Santiago de Cuba prepared a missionary trip to the East of the country, to various remote and poor places that are in great need of evangelization work with children. Our trip lasted 6 days.

The journey from the city of Santiago to the starting point of our ministry lasted 8 and a half hours!


We prepared hard for this ministry, involved more than 10 local churches from different denominations, also collected a lot of food to give to the children and also to feed the team, rented a special truck and bought fuel, as there is a very strong crisis with transportation on the island.

The first service was in the city of Baracoa, in the central children’s park. It was just a grace from the Lord, because it is forbidden by the government to evangelize in the street and especially in such central places. But the Lord opened this opportunity for us!
Nine local churches from different denominations helped!

More than 300 children and 150 adults participated, and many said a prayer of repentance and accepted Jesus as their savior!

The next service was in Maisi, a small village of Vertientes, assisted by members of the local church. 132 children and 70 adults participated, and 45 people accepted Jesus as their savior.

Then there was a ministry in Nibuhon settlement, 6 local churches participated, more than 230 children and 150 adults participated, 30 people prayed a prayer of repentance

And on the last day of our ministry we held a Happy TAME in a remote area of Baracoa, close to the First Babti Church in Baracoa.
We were assisted by 3 local churches from different denominations. There were 170 children, 50 adults, and 25 people who received joy and heard the Good News! Glory to our Savior!!!


The ministry is growing and we are reaching more places, more children, we have many more places to go and in many cases the resources we have are not enough to take care of the hundreds of children that come to us, but we trust in God that He will continue to open doors as He has done so far, never stop praying for us because behind every ministry like this there are great spiritual battles, great trials, the enemy does not like to see the work of the church move forward.
We are thankful to the Lord that we can be on the same team with you, thankful that the IMOCE mission has come to Cuba! Thanks and blessings to all the prayer leaders and all the sponsors who support our hands and help us bring the message of salvation to many children and adults. Praise God.