Praise The Lord Dear friends, here reporting from Guaymas Sonora Mexico. Asking for prayers over our Country, COVID has hit heard in our city, nevertheless God takes of His children. Please continue to pray for us. Thank you so much for the plans you are making to come and visit, God is so good!

We’ve been working with our Staff about, caring unconditionally loving them and protecting the children. The Lord shows favor every day and we see changes. Glory be to God!

We are very happy to know you are going forward with your visit, as of today there are no restrictions coming into Mexico. Although the beaches are closed and most of the downtown, we still have all main services available.

The home for the teenage boys is almost done, the home for the younger boys is also in the process on getting finish (we need tile) for the kitchen and caregivers bedroom.

The little girls home need new cabinets and the upstairs girls (10-12) are in need of new caregivers or we are hoping Sofia can help there?

The teenage girls need also caregivers, I’m going from one gone to another covering the need.

And thank you for your prayers for Lupita and Alma, leaders at Mothers home, we currently have 3 moms and 3 ladies 18+

God is Faithful, so much work to do.

Please enjoy the pictures