Hello precious Imoce mission and every Imoce mission partner. I want to share a little bit of our events here at the Equator Mission Assistance. Kenya. Kisumu. Dunga village. Slam. Nialenda. It is a joyful event that pastor Yuri from STATOV came to visit us at the park of days and served our mission not only in the church and the YEAR FOR GOD project, but also for our team. Our Nadia decided to arrange a family dinner for us for the team. And Yuri served as edification.

Another of the great events is a trip with a team of ministers from the children’s church to the village of Karungu, which is located 6 hours from us …

But Praise the Lord, after 6.5 hours we got to the village. Where our Godwins (the minister from the first project YEAR FOR GOD) and his pastor were waiting for us and on the basis of their church we held a camp

It was a special time for them and for me, when you see your team in different conditions … I love them even more. Thank you precious for your prayers and fasting for us … we also pray with constancy for you and thank God for your support! This is valuable! We love and bless.