Good afternoon! Today I want to share the news of our project “Little Mom”. As you probably already know, we were forced to leave Mariupol. So far, the small town of Bad Liebenzell, not far from Calw (southern Germany), has become our haven. There are 27 people here with me. For now, we are temporarily living in a hotel, but soon we will be provided with a house to stay.

Today, thanks to the help of the IMOCE Mission and its partners, we have purchased the necessary utensils for the house. This week we had a meeting with the students of the missionary school in our city. Together we glorified our Lord, and our children had the opportunity to play and communicate in German. Also, the other day we were able to find the most necessary things for mothers and children since the younger children had already gone to school and they needed some things. One of the main events of the past week was the arrival of my friend from America. She came and supported us with her mothers with prayers and served us.

We are trying to somehow find more reasons to please the children. One of them was Gleb’s birthday, the guy turned 9 years old.

We ask you to continue to actively pray for our native Mariupol. It is constantly bombed by Russian troops and razed to the ground. There is not a single whole building, people are sitting in basements and bomb shelters.

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