Congratulations to all the children of God from Kenya, Kitale. I will share with you the news of our ministry.

Slum Feeding Project: Due to the school holidays, the children are fed twice a day. Every week we visit children and their families and spend time communicating and building relationships. This way I can learn more about how and what a child lives.

Sunday School: We had a meeting with Sunday School teachers to decide how to improve service to children. Teachers also took courses this week to work with injured children. During the four days of training, they learned more about the child’s world, what problems children face and how they can be helped.

The adolescent ministry is held every Sunday. Children spend interesting time together, pray and glorify God, and listen to the word of God. We also visited the prison, where we could serve as prisoners of God’s word, and have fun playing games and socializing together.

They had the opportunity to give them Bibles. Thank you very much for your financial support. Bless you, in all areas of your life.
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