Peace of God, dear friends! Our project “Little Mom” ​​was safely evacuated in Germany. 26 people came here with me, 16 of them are children.

While we live in a small hotel in the suburbs of Calva. The children will go to school next week. While we try to distract them a little from the nightmare that they had to endure. Yesterday was a trip to a farm where Alpacas live. Time with animals was clearly beneficial for the children.

There are some difficulties with laundry and food, but we believe that everything will be fine. We hold services daily at 8:00 and 12:00. We pray for Ukraine and our native Mariupol. The building of our crisis center “Little Mama” serves refugees. Thank God the building is heated, in Mangush there is light and an ox for many people this is a paradise. Today, 60 people huddle in it, and all of them will gradually travel to Zaporozhye. Mangush is still under the occupation of Russian troops. Many civilians of Mariupol go on foot to Mangush which is 20 km from Mariupol. Thanks to the help of IMOCE in the construction of the building, now we can serve refugees together

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