Over the last year, I have heard people say that the Lord does nothing, there are no miracles.

The Lord does many miracles among us every day! God is better than we think!

We eat normally. We are not starving. When we are not at home, the Lord gives us normal conditions for the night. Beads and cars had nothing to refuel! We have already refueled for – UAH 22,124.6

Beyond yesterday the buses were being repaired, the Lord gave people who did it for free.

Spare parts were bought for a large sum.

People stand in huge queues at the gas station, standing for 6 hours, with limited capacity. The Lord has given us a man, and all these days this man is helping us to refuel without queuing.

We will bring food and medicine to people; they will cry with joy. Not a miracle? And that’s not all, there are still enough miracles from the Lord! God is good!