Greetings friends, the war has been going on in Ukraine for 11 days now. For 11 days the children of Ukraine are afraid to fall asleep without light. Exactly 11 days since the whole of Ukraine went into high-risk mode.

This is when silence is not peace, but danger. This is when you sleep in a tracksuit and warm socks because no one knows where and when the air raid alarm will go off and the message “Urgent to the shelter” Will come to the shelter»

After the notification, you have very little time to take a backpack with the most important, relatives and hide in the nearest bomb shelter. And it’s cold there. It’s winter. And the shelter is not heated. There is not even always light. The most important thing is to survive.

Everyone has the will to survive. The one who believes in God and the one who does not. The desire to live is natural; God himself put it in each of us. But an enemy has come who wants to destroy everything that God has created. He comes like a thief. Scripture says, “A thief has come to steal, kill, and destroy…” John 10:10. Murder, theft, and destruction – this is what came to Ukraine 11 days ago.

On February 24, 2022, at 5:00 am, all of Ukraine shuddered. From how strongly the thief came to rob and destroy. During this period, more than 500 civilians died, including 20 children, and 675 adults and more than 840 children were injured. Our missionary teams serve those who leave everything and with the desire to survive, fill up the car with the last money, and go where they think their family will be safe.

We feed the refugees; we place them for the night. We advise on the rules for crossing the border and help you choose a safe route. After all, now shelling has affected almost all of Ukraine. People come in fear and panic. And here it is important to listen to a person, to console and show the One Who is able to fill the heart with his peace, even in wartime.

Today we sent a bus to Kharkiv to evacuate people. People who have transport leave the city, go by transport, someone tries to leave by train, but now there is no travel schedule in Ukraine at all, and people must stand for days and wait for the evacuation train.

Men of military age are not allowed on the trains, and they stay, while their families were poisoned in a safe place. Since no one knows when the train will be, it’s possible to get out only by bus, and we sent our bus. We continue to receive people who stay with us as a spender, we have a huge flow of people, horse riding is increasing every day …. We try to feed everyone, pray and bless. God begins to work when we settle unbelieving people in Christian families, the word is preached to them, and thank God some have repented. Also, our teams take people to L’viv and collect humanitarian aid for the city.


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