Greetings friends, thank you for being with us, thank you for your prayers, only God, only Faith, and prayer give us strength. Today is the 9th day since the war is going on and we already have irreparable destruction in Ukraine. People flee in horror, often coming only after taking their own documents.

Alexandria is halfway to Western Ukraine, so everyone stays overnight, during the curfew, people can’t walk down the street, drive or sit in a car. Many try to drive into the city before curfew, but there are columns of cars for tens of kilometers in front of the city. All state hostels are not allowed to take people after 8:00 pm, so we accept everyone. We leave at night to pick up people, every time we are detained by the military, or the police but thank God, they let us go.

People came to us at 11 pm, they are from the East of Ukraine, and pastor Roman from Druzhkovka is transporting them to the border.

We meet, we feed and that’s how we settle. An average of 130 people pass through us every day.
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