Hello, dear members of the group. Our project “Little Mom” ​​continues to adapt to life in evacuation. Today was a very eventful day: I bought rubber slippers for mothers with children. Some mothers and children got sick, and I bought the necessary medicines for our first aid kit. Every day the fuel limit is reduced. The locals are generally not given fuel, and they walk. Since we have numbers from another region today at the gas station, they gave me only 5 liters, I found another gas station and was able to fill in only 10 liters.
Our way of life is starting to get better: today we started transferring mothers with children to rooms where they will live for 10 people. (Before that, everyone lived in the dining room, because this is the only heated place). Now we have 2 rooms. Beds were installed, rooms were washed, and mattresses and bed linen were laid. They held a Bible lesson for the children and gave them the opportunity to frolic in the street (it got cold outside, and it has been snowing for 2 days).

There is still a problem with the shower in the building, since there is no one, local people take mothers with children to bathe at home. The toilet is also outside.

We do not give up on our hope in God and pray for Ukraine!
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