Greetings, friends, Ukraine is in touch and we want to share what God has allowed us to do. Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine continues and for the last three days almost 100 rockets have been fired at our land and our cities, many dead and many wounded. A shopping center was blown up today, killing many people.

And we continue to serve to the sounds of air alarms. We were approached and asked to visit and help people with disabilities who are bedridden, on crutches, and who do not leave their homes. There are a lot of such pensioners with disabilities, and now that there is a war, prices are high. Many of them live in very difficult conditions. We also continue to help migrants, giving them food, diapers, and medicines.

The Baltic team also continues to serve the displaced and needy.

Friends, we are moving forward. We thank everyone who did not leave us here, who supports us prayerfully, financially and just kind words, thank you all!!!

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