Greetings, friends, Ukraine is in touch. We are grateful to God for mercy, we appreciate your help friends. Last week was busy, together with the teams of Berdichev, Balta, Oleksandriya, and Odesa we spent Happy Time and told the children about Christ.
Almost 3,000 children passed through our playground in 7 days! Such a good team, 33 people worked on children’s hearts! Now in wartime, many children and adults are broken, tired, and exhausted. We immersed all children in an atmosphere of kindness and love – slides, trampolines, popcorn, cotton candy. The most important point in the program is biblical truths. Many children who were on the playground experienced terrible things – explosions, collapses, gunshots, the death of relatives, and sat in basements for a long time. Therefore, we tried to do everything to make the children feel happy. Not only children, but young people and adults listened to the Word of God – an evangelistic performance, prayers, and preaching of the Word of God.

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