Greetings, friends, we send you greetings from Ukraine! Refugees continue to arrive in the central part of Ukraine, some go abroad, and some stay in our part of Ukraine.
Therefore, our task is to help with food products and things and to support those who came to our region even earlier
People receive food and also warm things. We are contacted by many families with small children who are in great need of diapers and baby food.
Thank God and you, we were able to help – to dress children for the winter!

We continue to serve teenagers, who came to us from the Donetsk region, the children of whose parents are now at the front. During the war, teenagers are very open to preaching the Gospel.
Thanks to all partners of the IMOCE mission, we received help for disabled children.
This week, we were able to collect and send parcels with food, sleeping bags, tourniquets and medicine for our defenders.
With God’s help, they were able to make an important trip and took away an important cargo accompanied by the military
Friends, we want to thank each of you for your big hearts, for being with us, for not leaving us, for continuing to support us!

by Regina Pilipenko

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