2023, in just one day, you will pass into eternity, leaving a painful mark in the hearts of Ukrainians!

2023, we bid you farewell, which means we are fortunate and alive, for which we sincerely thank God 

2023, you taught us patience, enduring patience.

2023, you constantly taught us to live with faith and hope, often showing that those we hoped for turned away from us, but strangers, like family, appeared in our lives. Serving God and people, baking bread, became the greatest privilege.

2023, you taught us to pray diligently for our defenders and to do everything in our power.

2023, you left behind many unanswered questions.

2023, you were painful, but against this darkness, the stars of brothers and sisters who joined our ministry and brought spiritual and physical sustenance to people shone even brighter!

2023, you loudly proclaimed that life is temporary and there is eternity.

2023, you taught us to love, forgive, and pray even when we didn’t want to. You reminded us that justice is only with God and that Light is about the state of the soul, not the perfection of electricity. Because one can have everything and lose the Heart, and with it, the image of a human.

Thank you, God, for 2023! With faith and hope, we enter 2024, knowing that our Lord is already there, and Victory is His.

Dear friends, Anatoliy, and the IMOCE mission.
We sincerely thank you for joining our ministry with bread during the war.

On December 30, the last working day of our bakery this year…
Blessed Victory loaves, in fragrant crusts, will go to the people on the last day of the passing year.
Reflecting on our achievements together, I cannot write this gratitude post without tears .
The incredible amount of your love is reflected in the numbers of baked bread for people affected by the war and its consequences.
1,295,000 – Victory loaves have been baked since the beginning of the war by our small bakery!
May God reward everyone who contributes to the bread ministry in Ukraine a hundredfold 

With faith and hope, we welcome the New Year 2024

Lyubov and Sergiy D., and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians suffering from the war and its consequences .