Greetings from Kenya, from the desert, namely from the Victoria School.
The work continues, now thanks to your support 280 children study at the school!
For children it is not only education, but also a way to survive … because at school they eat several times a day, and at home once every few days.
Classes are being replenished every day, and thanks to you, IMOCE was able to build another classroom.
The children are very careful with their school supplies, because they have never had them before, so pens, markers, notebooks, pencils are a real treasure for them.
Thanks to your finances, the school no longer has problems with water, and they can even grow vegetables. It is very amazing that a vegetable garden grows in the middle of the desert, it is the grace of God!
The children are happy to run to lunch, most of them have never eaten such food, it is the most delicious food for them.
But most attention is paid to spiritual care. Every morning for the children begins with prayer and reading the Word of God, teachers bring the Word of Christ to the children of the desert.
All the children send you their greetings for the school, food, clothes, for each of them it is an opportunity to have a childhood.
We thank you all for your concern, for your sacrifices, and we thank God for your sincere and open hearts!