Greetings friends! We continue to preach the gospel about Christ and with God’s blessing, and with your support to do works of mercy!

The orphanage for children with disabilities sent us photographs, where they showed that children who at least have no one to work with their hands learn to cook different dishes, and then they all eat it together, for a couple of weeks we brought them food for the training kitchen.

The children who live in this orphanage are refuseniks, many of them are in wheelchairs, have mental retardation, and a lot of them don’t even get out of bed, but for those children who move and understand at least a little, it’s a real holiday to be on kitchen and cook.

We also continue to serve teenagers in the Happy Time teen club. After the winter holidays, we gathered children, and thank God a large number came. All the kids are from unbelieving families that live in the area. Our task is to preach the Gospel, introduce the teenager to Christ, and cultivate leaders. Also in the new 2022, we held a meeting with the coordinators in zoom.

We discussed many issues, also reported on the Christmas holidays, and planned further work.

We thank you friends for your support, for your finances, for the fact that we can do works of mercy. We pray for you, dear friends, we bless and rejoice that together we can do the work of God.

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