Greetings friends, God is good, today is Monday, and Ukraine is to share the news.
In the Odessa region, Balt region, children’s evangelistic services are held, the team shares with children about Christmas and gives joy! The team has already completed 3 projects out of 14 planned
Children get real knowledge about Christmas, get a lot of goodies – popcorn and cotton candy, sweets.
For many children, this is the only holiday that they can attend, since the holiday was banned in schools due to quarantine, and not all parents have money for paid holidays. Children and parents were active in everything, a golden verse was sounded at all stations, a Bible lesson was repeated at handicrafts, and with teenagers, we got a whole forum, the girls counselors at every opportunity testified to the children about Jesus, about how God answers the prayers of children.
In the end, all fly learned sweet prizes!
The central team continues to serve in Christmas projects, out of 26 planned, we have already completed 16 projects, thank God! He opened the doors wide for preaching the gospel to children.
We were also able to carry out the “Feed the Hungry” project in one of the schools, where families who are registered with the social service could receive food assistance.
Friends, we are very grateful to all of you for your support, for your finances! We couldn’t do what we are doing without you! God bless you your hearts!