Greetings friends, Ukraine 🇺🇦 wants to share what God is doing in human hearts and we are grateful to each of you that you are with us in this difficult time.

There is a hospice for the elderly in the east of Ukraine in the frontline zone, we already wrote that thanks to your support we were able to help with repairs in the first house, and now 13 old people live there who do not have where to live their old age.

Some of these people froze to death in their slums, there was no one to even serve a cup of water, many can no longer cook on their own. People in the hospice receive not only a clean bed and food, but most importantly, they receive salvation!

The old people are told about the love of God, and those who can read, they read the Gospel, those who cannot read due to old age, brother Alexei takes care of them so that they hear the Word of God.

A lot of people turn to brother Alexei to take the elderly under their guardianship, social services also ask about this. That is why now, thanks to you, assistance was provided for the purchase of building materials for the repair of the second house.

This is a huge blessing for the elderly, because for them the only opportunity to live out their days in normal conditions. We are very grateful to all of you that you participate in the life of Ukrainian old people!

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