Greetings friends, today is Saturday, a day off, but Ukraine wants to share the news! We are very grateful to all of you for your support, sacrifice, and love! We appreciate what you do for Ukraine!

In the Luhansk region, Toshkivka, we support the construction of a prayer house. This roof, for which finances have been allocated, is already being insulated. In this turbulent time, prayer houses are very much needed, people need God, and many people who did not deny the Lord early, are now going to churches. We thank you that in Lutsk, in the prayer house, we were able to change the windows. Now it is very warm in the prayer hall.

We continue to serve we continue to serve teenagers through Happy Time Christian Club. Teenagers came to us again who had not gone to church before, the most amazing thing was that their parents brought them, we were very surprised and asked why you decided to bring these children to church, to which they replied that they were afraid for their children, that they could go downhill and only the Lord can help!

We are very grateful to you for your help in restoring the roof of the prayer house in the frontline zone. In the Bakhmut district, town. North, there was a fire in the prayer house and the roof burned down, for a poor church, this was a real blow…

Friends, we thank you all for your participation and sympathy, thanks to your support in Ukraine, we can do many works of mercy, instruct teenagers, youth and preach the Gospel! God bless you; we pray for you friends, you are the strength of our ministry in Ukraine!

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