Greetings, our teams continue to serve in various corners of Ukraine, and we thank God and you for making this possible.

In the southern part of Ukraine, specifically in the Odessa region, Balti district, children’s clubs are operating in different settlements. These are Christian children’s centers where kids get to know the Lord. During the cold season, we treat children and teenagers to hot tea with cookies and sweets, as many of them don’t have anything sweet at home. So, if they see a child from a poor family, they also provide a meal. The main goal is to introduce children to Christ.

Work continues with people who have found themselves in difficult life conditions: the elderly, disabled individuals, single mothers, large families. In the center of Ukraine, Olesandrivsky district, many internally displaced persons live in our region, officially around 15,000, but unofficially more than 20,000, as not everyone registered after moving to our city.

We actively work with them, providing assistance. Many displaced people, especially those with disabilities, turn to us for help. We take care of disabled children in our city, providing monthly assistance with groceries and diapers. We continue to send packages to our defenders; it’s very tough for them now, cold and constantly under fire. They lack the opportunity to wash or eat.

Currently, they need cold medicine, hot teas, paracetamol, and ibuprofen. We are very grateful to each one of you for the opportunity to serve! Thank you all!