Greetings, news from Ukraine 🇺🇦, Central region on the line. We want to share about the events and work of our charitable foundation and thank you because through your finances we can do this. We continue to provide assistance, this time distributing aid in the village of Holovanivsk. People listened to the sermon, prayed, and in the end, the displaced persons had the opportunity to receive items that we received from you. We visited the disabled, but these are socially vulnerable people. They have a small pension, many are lonely, they are not needed by anyone. With tears in their eyes, they thanked everyone who helps with diapers. We continue to provide children’s nutrition in Oleksandriia and send packages according to needs to other cities. We serve children, organizing the Teen Club Happy Time at the church premises, where we teach children various skills and study the Bible. Teenagers at the training sessions can learn various life skills such as:
👉 Spiritual and psychological support
👉 Communication skills
👉 Adaptability
👉 Teamwork
👉 Creative approach
👉 Leadership
👉 Interpersonal skills
👉 Time management
All the children who come to us are from non-believing families. We also operate an art workshop for younger ones, where they make things by hand and study the Word of God; children from non-believing families also come. We have also formed a group of children from non-believing families, where we teach teenagers to play instruments: drums, keyboards, guitar, and vocals. Rehearsals take place three times a week. And on Easter, these teenagers sang and played Christian songs. Their parents came to the gathering, rejoicing for their children. We thank all of you for your help, prayers, and hope and pray that all the work will bear much fruit!