We continue to serve the refugees of the city of Oleksandrii and the Oleksandrii district.
We give out things, blankets, teapots and products. Most of the people came here in one jacket, so the MT is very grateful to everyone from the humanitarian department, who helped to collect and send the humanitarian cargo to Alexandria.
Special thanks for the thermal clothing that we distributed both to the military and to the civilian population, as it is very cold outside and people save on heating and are freezing.
We do not forget about the elderly who need our help. In this difficult time, products for such people are an opportunity to live on.
We understand how important it is not to forget those around us in this work, that is why we constantly hold the Happy Time youth club.
This week from the IMOCE mission patents, we were able to bring humanitarian aid: medicine for the hospital, things for defenders, things and products for civilians
We are very grateful to the entire IMOCE mission, all sponsors and all parterres for their help and support, thank you for supporting us missionaries to accomplish this work !!!!