Greetings to you friends, the year 2022 has already arrived in Ukraine, and we entered the New Year with joy and thanksgiving!
We would like to thank you friends from the bottom of our hearts, for your help, that together with you we could do a huge number of projects in Ukraine! We thank the Lord for your hearts, for your financial and prayerful contribution to the Kingdom of Christ! Together we were able in 2021:
Conduct the Happy Time Children’s Evangelism Playground for almost 21,000 children!
– To carry out the “Feed the Hungry” project and helped 1000 families with food packages!
–  We spent Christmas and Easter holidays among orphans, low-income families, foster families in different regions and covered more than 6,000 children,
–  You financially supported the crisis center “Little Mom”
–  We were able to make repairs to the widow, to help families with disabled children, to make repairs in one of the hospice premises for the elderly, to help chaplains, to help in the construction of a prayer house in the front-line zone, to help children in Christian camps with rest.
–  Purchase a bus for evangelism.
–  Received many containers and distributed tons of humanitarian aid to thousands of people in need.
– 8 teams were organized to serve the IMOCE mission in Ukraine.
Dear friends, without you we could not have done this, there would not have been this huge work in Ukraine, without you so many people would not have heard the gospel!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, pray for you, bless you!