Greetings, dear friends, God is good also by His grace, and with your support, we continue to serve in Ukraine. There are a lot of needs with which people turn to us, and the Lord allows us to serve through works of virtue.
In Ukraine, many regions plunged into the cold, but we do not stop our ministry with children, but continue to serve. After the summer Happy Time evangelistic projects, Happy Time Christian clubs have already been opened for children in several regions – in Alexandria and Mologa. Children can not only have fun activities but also study the word of God, prayer, chanting. Also in the warm regions of Ukraine – Odesa region, Balta, there are also Happy Time offsite projects.
Our meeting of coordinators took place, although it took place online, we were still glad to see a friend and solve a lot of issues. We pray for all the projects because very soon the Christmas holidays will begin, work is underway to prepare for the summer and we want to thank you all because, without your help, we could not have done so many projects and served so many children and adults.

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