Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. Here is some news from Cuba. We thank the Lord that in our country they have begun to allow a little to hold meetings and some events. And now for 3 Saturdays in a row, our team in Havana was able to spend Happy Time in 3 orphanages !!! It was just God’s hand that opened these doors! In Cuba, it is generally forbidden to visit orphanages and churches, even more so! But for our Heavenly Father, nothing is impossible! We were also able to conduct evangelism and give Bibles to children and staff. Praise the Lord for this!
A motorcycle that the mission recently acquired for our ministry is of great help in this. Also, the church in Havana decided to visit and bless with a hot lunch for those who are sick and cannot come to the service and also the neighbors of the church who are sick. The motorcycle is also a great help in this ministry.
Also, the improvement of the children’s park continues, the brothers work tirelessly, so that, as soon as the children are allowed to go out, take them to the park.
In the East of the country, in the village of Kanei, various ministries continue, which our mission supports.
I want to tell you today about one very interesting ministry. As we said earlier, this church has its kindergarten and school, which are currently closed by the authorities. But the sisters and brothers continue to serve the Lord and began a new ministry “Light, Life and Love” working with non-believing pregnant women who in most cases wanted to have an abortion due to the very difficult situation in the country (no medicines, no food, etc.) …
The church has surrounded them with care and support, helps them with food and medicine, and we try to support them during the entire pregnancy, and thus the decision to have a child is another saved life. And when these children are born, we continue to work with them in our church garden, celebrate their birthdays, and throughout pregnancy and after birth, we work with the whole family and many accept the Lord! And the kingdom of God is expanding!
Also, sister Marislae and other sisters help: they sew clothes for pregnant women. And soon they want to open a special workshop to teach mothers to sew, so they can also earn money and have support in the family.
And at this time we want to be like the Apostles Paul and Elijah and Lydia so that everything that comes into our hands can be used to expand the Kingdom of God. Many thanks to all sponsors, all who work in other countries, all members of the mission for serving in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Your contribution is very important for these ministries.
May the Lord bless your lives, your families, and your businesses especially, we work together for the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ!

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