Blessings to all, greetings from Guaymas, Mexico. Not forgotten project:

While visiting Mario’s family (he suffers with blindness, schizophrenia and other disabilities) we couldn’t help but notice the openness and the smiles they greet us with. Sitting across the room, sharing the gospel we notice how Mario would smile with joy and his wife would have tears of joy. This joy only comes from the Lord who pours it into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. Even though they live in poverty and need, Mario said that when he thinks about God he feels like the richest and strongest person in the world. Their family have been going to church and they are eagerly helping their local church with what they can. They also testified how prayer helps them fight their physical and spiritual battles. During the season of Thanksgiving we want to share this testimony and give praise to God.

This week we also prepared around 100 servings of plov to distribute amongst the victims of poverty. By providing a hot meal we were able to show the love of Christ by sharing the good news of the gospel and assisting with basic necessities. When we showed up with food at the door steps, we instantly noticed how happy and thankful these people were. They recalled the previous time when we brought them plov and were very grateful. We also were able to offer a prayer for them and their family. We witnessed the effectiveness of this ministry.

Rehab Ministry:

While visiting the rehab centers we have seen the power of the word of God and the work of the holy spirit amongst many of the interns. We noticed how the holy spirit would heal these people from physical, sexual and psychology abuse. Many of the interns would share their testimonies of how from an early age they suffered many unthinkable things that a child should not be a part of. This would cause them to be angry, frustrated and bitter. Some would struggle with unforgiveness and many were involved in witchcraft. But God is an almighty God, he came to save these souls.

The work of God is being done throughout these ministries, all good things come from above. We are very thankful for all the sponsors and supporters who support these ministries. It would not be possible without you. May God bless every single person abundantly.

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