Hello everyone, I to share the latest updates  on the mission.  We visited a village where we were joining with churches to preach the gospel, pray with people in the street. After outreach we gather for  prayers to uphold the area and also pray for Kenya to have peace during the upcoming election. I got to help in worship during prayers . We got to share  the gospel and pray with people in village. Praise God some people received Christ. There were these two guys that were born and raised in   these village, we preached to them the gospel and they received Christ . They  helped us in going around visiting families we got opportunity to pray with people that were sick in that area.Sad story is where we met a woman who have been sick 8 years in bed she can’t sit or walk and two of his sons are mad. we prayed with them for healing. Thank you so much for your prayers and support may God bless you all.

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