Greetings dear friends. Africa, Kenya, Kitale are in touch with you as always. Time passes so quickly during busy days that sometimes you don’t notice how the week has already passed.

I will certainly share the news with you. We had the opportunity to serve our youngest children through the “feeding children from the slums” project.

A Bible lesson was organized, games were played, and sweets were served. One of our main goals was to distribute warm, clean clothes, shoes, and warm jackets to children. Because it is cold and many children are sick during this period.

Thank God the children remained free, and we are calm for them. This week we held a children’s market at Embrace.

Everyone was able to buy things for themselves with earned points.

The children were pleased with the new innovations. Sunday school: this is a time given by God to sow the Word of God to children, build relationships, and influence children. I am grateful to you and to God that you support me and take care of these children.

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